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About Au Coptic Art

Mekhaiel Abdelmalak,  is an Egyptian-Australian painter 

Mekhaiel start drawing when he was 6 years, with supporting of his family he developed his drawing potential.

Even before focusing on iconography, his work has always been semi-abstract and figurative, with close links to the Modern Era.

Mekhaiel was apprenticed by one of the fathers of Neo-Coptic Iconography - Mr. Galal Ramzy - in Cairo Egypt. Galal was undoubtedly one of the most inspiring figures in Mekhaiel's development as an Iconographer (in 2008).

Since that date, Mekhaiel changed his art pathway to iconography.

In 2009 Mekhaiel moved to Australia, and started self-studying in Iconography, different areas of Coptic and byzantine iconography, in 2017 joined the master Iconographer Ahraf Gergis, and started working with him in Icons, this gave Mekhaiel to change his view to the icons, helping Mekhaiel to improve his technique in the icons.

Since 2017, Mekhaiel is working full-time as a Coptic iconographer, doing Church alters, domes, ceilings and Icons. In addition to many private commission Icons, walls and ceilings around Australia, Egypt and the world.

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